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Hand Woven, Hand Crafted, Sustainable Fashion

Mini Shibu

Posted on November 26 2018

In today's world where fast fashion is the norm, sustainable fashion has slowly been inching its way into the market, becoming a niche of its own. The end goal is to create a socio-economically sustainable system, where the consumer is aware of their impact on the environment based on their consumption and use.

Of course sustainable fashion and style go hand in hand. Contrary to popular belief, being a sustainable fashion consumer doesn't mean giving up on style, knitting your own clothes or even wearing shapeless garments. 

While sustainable fashion and style do go hand in hand, it also means that a garment can't be worn just once or twice or even 7-8 times. For a garment to become "sustainable", it must be used for what it's worth - ideally till the fabric is faded and exhausted, at which point it could be up-cycled.

What does this mean for you the consumer if you're about to step into the world of slow fashion or sustainable fashion? To a certain extent, it does mean sticking with something you own for more than a few years or, at the very least, clearing out your wardrobe once every year and giving new life to the clothes you don't wear anymore by up-cycling or donating said clothes.

Now that we've said all that, where do we come in?

MINC eco fashion as a brand believes in sustainable, eco-friendly living. We provide the best we can at the price we ask - eco-friendly clothes made in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Some of the fabrics we use to make our wonderful creations are khadi, linen and silk. Though most of the fabrics we use are mill spun, khadi is the exception, being a hand woven fabric. The fabric is soft and owes its own unique texture to the 'slubs' in the fabric.


If you were to ask which fabric is our personal favorite to work with, it would be the humble khadi. Light and airy, khadi keeps one warm in winters and cool in the summer, but leaving its breath-ability alone, khadi has a beautiful fall. the fabric settles well on anyone and everyone, giving shape in the right areas, without hugging any unflattering areas. The only way you could think this fabric was fussy is if you were ironing the creases out of it.

Of course trying to go eco-friendly is a little more expensive and we understand that when spending, one wants to feel indulged, the price justified, which is why we ensure that all of our garments have a hand crafted touch.

Our most unique, exquisite and exclusive garments, are our hand embroidered garments, for which have received the craftmark for 'adde ka kaam - fusion embroidery', the first of its kind seen in India.

The hand embroidery that we do is a blend of different styles of embroidery, practiced across India, turning into delicate tendrils and elaborate blooming flowers, by looking to the old for inspiration and making it contemporary in a way that it becomes timeless, and the garment, a timeless classic.

This is what we believe in and practice everyday at MINC. Come join us in the sustainable eco-fashion movement by adding a timeless classic to your wardrobe today ~


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